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Our story

We are a group of friends and with one aim.

We wanted to be part of something greater than ourselves.

So, we started small with a regional food and wine festival touring Europe. The region was Galicia, northwest Spain. Well-known for the world-famous pilgrimage to is religious and cultural centre, Santiago de Compostela. Less well-known for its Atlantic gooseneck barnacles, elegant wines from the death-defying slopes of the Sacred Valley, heritage breeds of meat and cheeses dating back 500 years.

London was our first stop. Our Tapas Masters, Michelin Star Chefs and award-winning Sommeliers created a “Don’t Assume,” menu full of surprising creations and inspired wine-pairings. It worked. People loved discovering this new, secret Spain with its rich Celtic culture, bag pipe music scene and traditional way of life. The next stop was Brussels, then Berlin, followed by Zurich, Vienna and lastly London again.

This got us thinking. The whole of Spain was a melting pot of amazing foods and wines with fascinating regional varieties. We could make our festival bigger, go further.

Spanish Extravaganza was born. Not the Spain people recognised from their local tapas restaurant. A new, exciting, unexpected Spain. We wanted our festival-goers to feel like they’d been on the hot, dusty roads of the south with its soul-stirring flamenco, tapas street-life and mesmerising Arabic past. Meandered through the lush green north tasting its hearty mountain stews and basked under an azure-blue sky on the paella-loving Mediterranean coast.

We held our new festival at the Pudong Shangri-La Hotel in Shanghai, Four Seasons in Seoul, Taj Mahal Palace in Mumbai and Capella Singapore. Asia welcomed us with open arms and continues to do so.

This is just the beginning…